Corona Diary: Day 457

Mornin’ peepelz. 😉

I … I’m sitting here, 03.24 a.m., staring at an empty blog page … and … am overwhelmed. By the sheer amount of news from the Covid-19 battlefront. A battle we’re about to lose. Particularly in Gauteng province (Jo’burg, Pretoria and surroundings) they are drowning in new cases, completely unprepared for the 3rd Wave. Look at what is hot right now on IOL:

See that? Gauteng and Western Province are battling with the 3rd Wave … while at the same time we notice a light drop in new cases and a sharp rise of new infections. Huh? Whaaaaa, why?

Failure all around, Papa Smurf gonna give us new draconic rules, people will be up in arms … we know this old spiel since One and a half years now. And until someone won’t do something drastic it might as well go one for more months and maybe years to come. 😦

I tell you what: Covid-19 will die.

Sooner or later the pandemic will have run it’s course and go away by itself. We will have spent and wasted billions of taxpayers’ Woolongs, some capitalists will be even richer and most politicians will be happy with all the new power and suppression methods they have now in their arsenal. But one thing we won’t be able to say is: WE BEAT COVID-19! Because it isn’t true.

Particularly in the West and in Africa we’ve been pummeled. While helplessly and enviously looking at China and how they swiftly and radically dealt with the Coronavirus, we’ve been mismanaged by assholes and clowns. And it will go on until it ends with a wet spluttering noise. 😮

I’m tired.

Hey guys, don’t let your guard down, wear your masks like on day 1, sanitize like it’s fun, do everything to avoid infection … SURVIVE!



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