O@tM: Infinite (2021)

Ya … no … whatev. Shall we get at it?

You know those movies that are kinda shit even though they had all the right ingredients, bestest scripts, actors, big budget, super duper director, no studio interference … but the end product just doesn’t gel with you and the masses of movie goers. I vividly remember Oliver Stone’s Alexander, which had it all but turned out a regular trainwreck. Oh, and of course Star Wars 1, 2, 6, 7, 8 and 9. And various others. Actually too many to mention.

Big gun

And then there are those flicks where nothing gels, projects that are suspicious already long before any hapless studio exec greenlights them. One of those naturally born shitflix is Infinite. You know when the author of a novel (novel, not screenplay) in the foreword to the novel already announces a crowdfunding to get his book turned into a Hollywod film, that should make everyone’s alarm going off! Right? And when you then hear the author needed to start the crowdfunding campaign coz he wasn’t able to find any agent willing to sell his novel to any H-wood production house … ugh, you still believe in his writing skills? Some Hollywood dumbfuck was obviously too coked up to recognize what shite he had just bought. Ok, there we already have two main culprits for a disastrous movie.


Third culprit is the director. As a long-time reader of Orca’s amateurish movie reviews you know what she thinks about H-woods most overrated director, Antoine Fuqua. That hack was exactly what was missing in order to guarantee Infinite’s inglorious downfall.

Showing Wahlberg’s wires. Are you serious?

Only one upside to Infinite is a relatively good cast. Unfortunately weren’t a weak Mark Wahlberg, a always great Chiwetel Ejiofor, a much too short Toby Jones scene (see what I did there?) and a bunch of fairly well cast and well-acting supporting roles and pretty girls not enough to breathe some life into this convoluted mess.

Yeah, infinity n stuff, we got it

I don’t know the novel but the film adaptation had plotholes, not big as barn doors but big as a village of barns. Nothing much made sense and when Wahlberg says his conclusion at the end, we felt like he was in another movie than what we just watched. It’s really that bad.

Couldn’t find any more Infinite stills. Here, have a cute kitten instead.

Then there is the production value and the action. While Infinite surely was and looked quite opulent, the action was all style, no impact, and ridiculously unrealistic. Same as the laughable CGI.

CONCLUSION: Don’t waste your time with this shite.

Even the trailer sux badly


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