Windsurfing Race Day 25 with Sea Boss Rider at Saint Aubrey

Izi, Lucy, Ella, Yumiko, Sanja and Ester joined me yesterday for our new reversed courses 4 and 3 with wind from North East and 25 knots. Ester told us before the race that her hotel internet is bad and unstable, but she tried and crashed right after the start of first race. She didn’t come back after that because it was as she already guessed hopeless. Shame.
For the others the weather conditions were fine. Only Sanja crashed leading in second race when she hit a sim cross.

the fleet at the briefing
closer look at sailors and their windsurfer (video by Hakiria)

The reversed courses 4 and 3 are new and so was the start routine for all. But with the experience of the last couple of months all made it very well. Izi won the start followed close by Sanja, Ella and me. Lucy and Yumiko followed only a little later.

Start of race 1 (video by Hakiria)

Izi took the advantage of the best start and took the lead which she defended all the way until the finish. Behind her Sanja, Ella and Lucy were trying to catch up with her.
I chose a little more southern position for the start and tried to catch the leaders with more speed. It looked successful on the first leg until i found one of the mean seagulls that stopped me to zero, hold me for some time and all passed me again.
I could pass Yumiko again at the end of the first leg and tried to chase the others. Yumiko in her second time with us followed brave the fleet.

Yumiko turns around buoy CN and followed the fleet (video by Hakiria)

Izi and Sanja arrived first at buoy IS and already a bit in the lead. Lucy and Ella followed them close and I caught up slowly with them. The third leg gives two options. Either using the safe direct route to buoy CS or the more risky one with hiking a bit more south and then turning later to buoy CS.
Lucy took the more risky southern option and tested the water a little later. It took her a while to get started again after that so Yumiko and i could pass her. I asked Lucy later what happened and she just said she lost her mind for some time.
During the next couple of legs i could slowly catch up with Ella and we could only watch Izi and Sanja leading the race safely.
On the final leg i went a little faster route and could pass Ella just before the finish line after Izi and Sanja had already finished.
A bit after us Yumiko and much more later Lucy followed us. But unfortunately Lucy was so far behind that she is missed in the video.

the finish of race 1: 1. Izi, 2. Sanja, me, 3. Ella, 4. Yumiko, 5. Lucy (not on the video) (video by Hakiria)

The start of reversed course 3 with wind from North East is a bit tricky. You need to tack to the north quite short after the start line and the best position for the start is the most northern one. All did it pretty well for the first time we used this course and wind.

Sanja won the start and used her advantage to sail away from all others. Ella, Izi, Lucy and i followed her a bit later and Yumiko followed the fleet at the end.

The start of race 2 (video by Hakiria)

On the following downwind and high speed legs via buoy CN and OW to buoy IS Sanja and Izi sailed away from the rest of the fleet and Sanja looked already as the safe winner. But after buoy IN on the high speed leg to buoy CS she must have been a bit unconcentrated, hit a cross and crashed.
Izi took the chance and the lead and defended it until the finish line.
Behind the two Ella, Lucy and I were having a close duel. I could catch up with the two meter by meter and passed one after another on the zig-zag route back to the finish line. Lucy tried hard to catch me again and i felt her breathe the whole time in my neck, but i could defend my position until the finish line.
This time Yumiko who did this course the first time ever was a bit far behind and wasn’t caught on the finish video.

The finish of race 2: 1. Izi, me, 2. Lucy, 3. Ella, 4. Yumiko (not on the video) (video by Hakiria)

First time on the new reversed courses 4 and 3 let the fleet spread out a bit more than normal but all did well for the first time we used it and i am very sure we will see a lot closer races in the future, because these racers improved a lot during the last months.

our after race beer at the marina (photo by Hakiria)

Congrats to Izi to win both race and to all others to manage the new and tricky courses well.

Here are the results from yesterday:

49: 2021-06-24-St AR – SBR – 4 – REV – NE25:

1: Izi Shinohara BS188a – Race Time: 0:12:47-8points
2: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Race Time: 0:12:58-5points
3: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:13:07
4: eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Race Time: 0:13:10-3points
5: yumiko Sideways BS7454 – Race Time: 0:13:44-2points
6: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:14:59-1point

Lap Times:
Izi Shinohara BS188a – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: 0:12:45
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Start: 0:00:04 – Last lap: 0:12:54
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:13:00
eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Start: 0:00:07 – Last lap: 0:13:03
yumiko Sideways BS7454 – Start: 0:00:16 – Last lap: 0:13:28
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:11 – Last lap: 0:14:48

50: 2021-06-24-St AR – SBR – 3 – REV – NE25:

1: Izi Shinohara BS188a – Race Time: 0:17:43-8points
2: TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Race Time: 0:18:05
3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Race Time: 0:18:12-5points
4: eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Race Time: 0:18:32-3points
5: yumiko Sideways BS7454 – Race Time: 0:21:12-2points
6: SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Not Finished-1point

Lap Times:
Izi Shinohara BS188a – Start: 0:00:14 – Last lap: 0:17:29
TgBianca Resident BSeb40 – Start: 0:00:15 – Last lap: 0:17:50
LucyInTheSky Afarensis BS3536 – Start: 0:00:14 – Last lap: 0:17:58
eleanorvelvet Resident BSbccf – Start: 0:00:08 – Last lap: 0:18:24
yumiko Sideways BS7454 – Start: 0:00:23 – Last lap: 0:20:49
SanjaSH Resident BS5fad – Start: 0:00:02 – Last lap: Not Finished

Standing overall St AR 2021 SeaBossRider Championship (after 50 races):
Sailor-points (number of races)

Victor and Serena joined the after race party and because of the 50th race yesterday Izi and Hakiria invited us all to the new little bar one sim further west. Hakiria built it as a communication point for her renters of her little and cosy cabin resort and all guests of St Aubrey. We had fresh and hot pizza and cold drinks and some relaxed chats as you can see:

after after race party at the little bar (photo by Hakiria)
after after race party at the little bar (photo by Hakiria)
after after race party at the little bar (video by Hakiria)

Stay all safe and healthy and see you next week again on reversed courses 4 and 3 but then with wind from South West and 25 knots.

hugs and kisses

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