Endeavour has Arrived!

Right where it belongs:

EOS, stumbling into Linux pub : “Hey bishes, this chair available?”

Manjo & Mint: “Sure, you wild explora. Sit your sexy ass down here and buy a round for us.”

MX: Snores happily drunk

E notices the still warm, empty #4 chair: “What hap…”

Ma: “Oh, the previous occupant of the seat didn’t feel so well. Turned green in the face and popped outta here.”

Mi: casts a sceptic glance on Ma

E: “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

Ma: “Nhn, don’t be sorry. Bitch tried to start a fight with our Minty friend here … and was told she ain’t welcome in the inner circle no more. Loudmouth upstart. :(“

E: “Well, upstart I am too.”

Ma: “Yeah, but you a sexy babe and carry the right genes and were born into a higher caste. Now enjoy the fruits of your labour!”

Mi: frowns

MX awakes from coma, clearly disoriented: “Whaa… wot happen? Oh, hi Endeavour. “

Ma&E, in a sudden squirt of frenzy: “We use Arch, btw!”

Mi and MX: frown 😐

Audience: bursts out in laughter!

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