Second Life – Children of Creation (Director’s Cut)

Am I the only one who finds this Second Life ad a bit cheesy … and sad? “If you’re traveling beyond this life”? Doesn’t that sound like we’re all gonna die? 😮

Linden Lab, in partnership with Levitate Media, introduces an imaginative take on a truly profound and intimate virtual universe, Second Life. If you’re traveling beyond this life Where the weight of tradition cannot follow Do not fear re-invention The Design is your liberation Between the planes where our dreams are built Where the mind reigns and the light bends And the children of creation dance in time If you’re traveling beyond this life You are not alone We are waiting


2021 4x Telly Award Winner:

GOLD – People’s Telly Award…

GOLD – Visual Effects…

SILVER – Directing…

SILVER – Music/Score…


Linden Lab gives sincere thanks to our partners at Levitate Media and the entire production crew who braved working during the height of the pandemic, while following CDC protocols to a T, to make this possible:

Producer: Evan Scott, Levitate Media

Director: Kanin Guntzleman

DP: Graham Robbins

VFX: Dexmob Score: Russ Davies


Want to see how this was made? Check out the behind the scenes and making of Children of Creation:


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