The Mouse that Roared

Hey hi hello!

Seems like our frens in the UK didn’t get the memo about not ruling the waves, about not being an empire anymore. 😮

There are so many questions about this kind of bullying. For example don’t they know that Syria is a sovereign country with a democratically elected govmt? No matter if the Britz are not particularly on friendly terms with its president Bashar al-Assad, that they are not in the circle of invited militaries to help Syria in its fight against ISIS, they just go on regardless, and fuk intl conventions and good manners and decent human behaviour. 😐

Ok, now is Syria not America, but a war-hardened country with mighty allies and protectors, for which the latest British attempt to gain attention is just a little invonvenience

The UK broke international law with this drive-by shooting. That needs to have serious consequences! How about a boycot? We hear it werkz so well for American politics, so let’s all boycot the UK now. 🙂 We will not eat spotted dick anymore! And kick ’em out of NATO as well! That will show them!

And … before I forget, what was the UK’s business in the Chinese Sea again?

Anyhoo, congratulations on majorly pissing off two nations in one needless and senseless action. 😮


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