OMG Karmi!!! :o

I’m really worried now. Are you ok? Reading this article from your blog it doesn’t look like you still have full control over your most basic cognitive functions! 😦

Dear frens, did you read it? In Its entirety? Boring, right? And so full of hate and incongruent misunderstandings, it hurts. 😦

It already starts in the title: Our Linux desktop distros are indeed just that, without the “so-called” addendum. And ask any Linux Mint, or Manjaro or any other user of a major distribution, most of us are spending far less time on maintenance of our systems than we did in Windows. And no, hardly any Linux user is an IT professional either. Coz we don’t need to be.

BTW: DistroWatch werkz like a charm, I could swoosh to the listing of your beloved CloudReady at the first attempt.

DistroWatch’s Jesse Smith is helping me prove my point that a clear majority of Desktop/Laptop OS Worldwide users don’t want to mess with a troublesome OS on their own computers. Apparently, Jesse is stuck with a Linux distro on his own computer, and had to try creating a USB manually:

OMG, Karmi!!! Of course nobody but a very small amount of Linux geeks wants to dabble with troublesome software. That’s why another small minority, the clever and sweet Linux Housewives, are using trouble-free Linux OSes. And most of us, if not everybody, have that shit installed on their very own hardware and can’t be bothered with trusting untrustworthy, fascist Google and their shenanigans. And so does idiot Jessie Smith, and so do all Linux users!

Linux is for Developers, Programmers, IT Specialists, ‘n etc., which is why a clear majority of Desktop/Laptop OS Worldwide users don’t use it.

Wrong Karmi! Nobody uses Linux because it’s not installed on those machines they buy from some bargain bin. If Linux would come as OEM with most computers, people would use it accordingly … and with more joy than they find in Windows.

Have your gmail email addy ‘n password handy – other addies work, but Google works best wid Google, IMHO.

You know what doesn’t work with Google, like not at all? Every halfways educated and socially responsible human being on the planet! That’s who.

Almost exactly like reinstalling Chrome OS on a Chromebook as I mentioned here: How to Break – then – Restore Chrome OS on new Chromebook in 13 Days – Chromebook series part 4.

This CloudReady Distro should also come in handy when your Chromebook’s Auto Update Expiration (AUE) arrives.

Ok, after all the shouting at the idiot Jessie Smith, Karmi finally gets into medias res. He lifts the veil on the true nature of CloudReady: It’s one of those idiotic always online systems! Karmi’s comparing apples with oranges here. So he’s not even talking about the thing he’s trying to undermine. 😐

Look, we got it, you like ChromeBooks, and nobody won’t disagree with you. Chromebooks are nifty things … under certain, very limited circumstances: For the little rest of 98% of the time we’re better off with a normal laptop that has everything onboard and works fine without access to the internet. When getting lost for weeks in the Namib desert, or during loadshedding, your little American wonder won’t even serve as a doorstop no more. That’s how useless it is. While my normal Linux, Windows or MacOS powered lappy toppy serves me as home theater and mobile disco every friggin’ night!


    • About time? On the second day, as far as I can remember, I solved the birthing pains, went with Manjaro instead of Endeavour. And since then my machine is tippy toppy in order, latest Nvidia driver n all. All my other machines are super duper happy on Endeavour, respectively what I feed them for testing.


      • More like second MONTH for anyone following your documented blog posts on the subject. How many Linux distros have you been forced to switch to over the past year or so? 4? You should try CloudReady OS – it’s a stable ‘n reliable Linux distro…

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        • None. Actually I lasted on EOS for well over a year, am still on it on 2 of my other machines. MiniMax is a special case since he needs Nvidia driver. A very clever geek at the Endeavour forum prayed me through the installation process and I was a happy hippo. Then, dunno exactly why, I switched to Manjaro and there the Nvidia install goes with 2 mouse clicks. 100 times easier than with Windows.

          Date when I switched was April 30. I still blame my hardware for the earlier fukky uppies. But anyway, all was resolved when I installed Manjo. Since then everything goes swimmingly.

          Come on, Manjaro is super duper stable, as all Linuxes are. I have no use for an always online system, particularly none by Google. I decide for myself when and if I’m logging into the internet and when to stay save and secure offline. 😐


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