Silly Linux Top Hits

Mornin’ peepelz! 😉

Wanna know wotz up? No, not really, eh. I’ll tell – or rather, show – you anyway. 🙂

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! And so quickly. It was only days since EOS had entered rank #5 … and it’s still there, no panic. But look closer, only 18 Hits Per Day are separating us from Pop!_OS and rank #4.

It’s okay, Pop may be clever and young and hip on the outside, in its core it’s just Ubuntu. And not even half as cool as your Minty goodness. So I’m not too sad when we’re passing it in the fast lane.

And maybe, once we break into the Top 4, our project leaders will agree to make a line of swag available for us to buy and support the project financially. For example with the sale of t-shirts:

They are talking about bringing out schwag since late 2019. Fuk me blind. 😉

For now we’ve gotta do with our own corporate shirts:

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