Corona Diary: Day 451

G’day peepelz!

Yes, the infamous 3rd Wave, as the headlines are showing, has itself established very firmly in our poor little stupid country:

The first 8, and more, headlines are all about the 3rd Covid-19 Wave. While during the last couple weeks life returned to almost normal and the headlines were about celebrities getting divorced n sports n shit, Covid-19 worked feverishly on its comeback.

And, yes, Corona is back bitches. Back with a vengeance! 😮

I won’t show all the single stories, by now we know what they say. Just the one case-count tells us enough about how serious the situation has become. 13.100 new cases in 24 hours! And 100 dead! Oh fuk. That’s a number, like, in Covid’s heyday, last year at the same time. Global pandemic!

And I hope I don’t need to remind us all on the inconvenient truth that it’s our own fault. We know this situation was avoidable. The Chinese showed us how you manage a pandemic, how to get rid of it, in a very short time. With brisk action. But what did we do in response? “Fukn commies have no clue, they are trampling on human rights with their feet. How dare they trying to save as many lifes as possible by acting a bit robust and ruining profitable businesses?”

Really, for realsies now, I fear if we in the West and in the west-leaning middle-earth, don’t get our shit sorted out soon-ish, I’ll still be writing this diary next year at the same time, announcing the umpteenth wave. 😦 It slowly gets old, doesn’t it?

Fortunately the pool and saunas in my gym are closed for maintenance, so this week I’ve grounded myself and can’t possibly get infected. See what a brave Covid fighter I am? 🙂

How’s the Whatever’th Wave treating you and your fellow countrypeople wherever you are? You still fighting, politicos still suxxing, peepelz still dying?The fun-factor is gone, I can’t see virtually no positives coming from this pandemic, just want it to fukn STOP!

You with me?

Cya laterz


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