New Last Names For SL18B and Fathers Day

Heyyy you. Psssht … need a new name?
Read Daniel’s post about how to get one …

Daniel Voyager

On Thursday 17th June Linden Lab announced new limited edition last names for SL18B which will be available until 9th July 2021. The Father’s Day last names will only be available until 25th June 2021. This is all apart of the Second Life 18th birthday celebrations and again there are some interesting last names on the list.

The following names are in theme with SL18B this year and are only available until July 9th.

The following names for Father’s Day are only available until June 25th.  

If you want to change your last name in Second Life you have to upgrade to Premium.

Available Last Names as of 19th June 2021

Here is the Premium Membership breakdown of prices below.

Annual – Best Value

  • USD 99.00 per year

Quarterly – Most Popular

  • Billed Quarterly – USD 39.56


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    • Silvius, Fyrewik, Padfoot, Alpha, Kiyori, Voxel, Hexem, Banana, Atheria, Takeda, Mercury, Amethyst, Vortex, Aurelia, Incognito, Nebula, Amore, Suki, Venus, Dakota, Absinthe … all derived from Latin, Scandinavian, Frisian, Japanese, Greek, Lakota languages.

      And let’s not forget a whopping majority of SL resis are indeed from Anglophile countries and Linden Research Inc. is an American company.

      So there’s that. =^.^=


      • Oh, and also the Anglo keyboard is too poorly equipped to even type out many non-anglo names, since it doesn’t feature Ä,Ö,Ü,ß,Ø,Æ and the numerous ´` other little tidbits we non-anglos are so found of. My own RL name, which is rooted in Northern Germany/Netherlands area, for example, features an ä. I have no idea if it even correctly shows on American screens or if you only get to see some ASCII nonsense. :O


      • I’m white af, and have a very very white name, first and last, which puts me directly into Frisia … and still I’m 1/4 Jewish/Palestinian. So is my name even a correct representation of me? Am I really white?


    • Tee hee, yes! Ummm, err … what did the artist wanted to express with that questionable option? For a little bit off extra payment you can swap your name from Resident to Resident, but then you’re so much better than just a free Resident, you’ll be a premium Resident! 🙂

      I say it since early 2007, it’s obviously not the most clever people working at LL. 😐

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