Development Release: Linux Mint 20.2 Beta

Hey Minties, your cuddly little distro just released a new Beta of the upcoming 20.2 version:

As you know Clem and his gang of devs, they don’t fuck about. So I guess this beta is totally usable already. Otoh, why are you still dabbling in the Ubu-based releases and install a new version every 6 months or so? Do yourself a favour and check out LMDE and enjoy peace of mind for years on end.

Or, even better, install Sparky, or MX if you can survive without Cinnamon. :/

Or … still betterer, be totally awesome and check out Manjaro! It is available as a Cinnamon community spin, so at least the operation should be familiar to you. And the rest comes with time.

Come on, you know you need some action in your life! =^.^=

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