SL18B: your pocket guide to the celebrations

I guess attending the SL18B can’t be made any more delightful for you than with Inara’s Pocket Guide. Check it out!

Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

SL18B Welcome Area

Second Life marks its 18th anniversary in 2021 with a week-long celebration of music, entertainment, art and more across multiple regions, eight of which are given over to exhibits from Second Life residents, and which include the companion Shop and Hop event.

The gates have now opened, but as there was not opportunity for any previews by bloggers, etc., in advance of the opening, we’re all scrabbling around trying to put things together. Hopefully, however, this will serve as a shorthand guide, and my apologies for any omissions.

The regions are, as usual, split between core event regions as exhibitor regions. The core regions include:

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