SL18B Calendar of Events Released by Linden Lab


Here’s all the details about SL18B you must know (if you’re a Second Life resident), I found in Daniel Voyager’s blog. Please surf over there and leave a big fat LIKE!

Daniel Voyager

SL18B regions now joined up

Today Linden Lab have released it’s exciting calendar of SL18B events in a blog post on the official Second Life blog about what’s planned for this year’s birthday celebrations. There is a Second Life birthday calendar worth checking out in the blog post where there is the ability to add the events to your Google calendar.

SL18B officially opens to the public at 9am SLT on Thursday 17th June 2021 over at the SLB regions. Patch Linden will be hosting the SL18B Opening Ceremony from 11am SLT at the SL18B Main Stage. It’s best to arrive early to have the best seat before the regions become full.

  • Lab Gab at SL18B live stream starts after Patch Linden opening address at 11am SLT where Strawberry Linden will be exploring SL18B
  • The Second Life Birthday Group will get early access to SL18B Shop & Hop from…

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    • I must confess I’ve never attended a SLBirthday. Not even in my most active times. Always busy with my own events. Nowadays I’m hardly online often or long enough to attend anything. 😦 That’s why, when it’s about something official by The Lab, I totally count on you and Inara and your reasearches and insight. 😉

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      • Oh right. Well I think it’s worth going to look around even if it’s just a few times. Best to visit in the second week as the lag is always higher in the first.

        I just wonder going forward how the lab will deal with communications since Ebbe sadly passed away. It’s hard to tell which way the new owners will go along with the LL board.

        Between 21st-23rd June I’m away in RL but I hope to do like a catch up blog post when I can. Inara and other bloggers will have more coverage this year most likely.

        Thanks for your support for Me and Inara.

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        • Hmmm, in terms of communications … wasn’t there this Berry girl they hired to become one of their own? From nifty blogger to TV moderator she’s just groomed for that role. She’s more or less the official face of SL now.

          Thx for keeping us bottomfeeders of the grid so well informed about what’s going on.


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