Corona Diary: Day 442

Before we start, let’s quickly check if my rough estimate still bears any semblance to reality:

Cool, I was correct all along. 14.5 mths in various stages of lockdown, that is something, is it not? I guess hubby and me, we can be proud of ourselves. Not only are we both alive and reasonably well, we haven’t even killed one another … yet. 😉

Okay, back to the pandemic business:

Now that the 3rd wave is finally agreed on, its speed of spreading can’t accelerate fast enough it seems. Time to tell the people it’s best to panic nownow! Oh yes, and the usual blame game. Winde, the sole white premier, is an asshole. Everybody knows that. Well, everybody but the business community, the whitest whities and some white supremacists. So, you want to take a different approach, yes? Just because you survived your own Covid-19 infection you think it’s okay for the beaches, restaurants, hotels to be opened, and church services and other multispreader events to take place? All while your experts are giving you very distressing numbers.

30% week by week increase not enough acceleration for you?

Are you human or just a politician?

We, my frens, you and me, we are no politicians. We are just survivors. And why?

Stay smart, stay alive!



  1. With all the hype ‘n inflating of deaths from China Virus there were less than 4 million in over a year, i.e. they couldn’t even *CHEAT* and make it as real as they were hyping it. I suspect half those deaths were from something else. There were 26,198,000 Worldwide deaths during the same span…basically no one cared about the other 22-23 million deaths, I guess. Meanwhile, dust masks seem to be out at the infamous G7 summit, so maybe the hype is finally over…

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    • All I know is that the infection numbers are on the rise. So much so, they admitted that we are in the 3rd wave by now. I guess the virus is less deadly these days, and on its last legs anyway. Let’s hope so. I’ll keep on wearing my mask. Have to if I wanna enter shopping malls and stores and the gym. It’s the fukn law. 😐 But at the mecha’s garage we don’t wear masks, neither here inside our complex. Our neighbours are all alive and healthy so I guess nobody around here is infected.

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