Corona Diary: Day 441

Fuuuuuuuk! WTF is wrong with people? Didn’t all those experts and politiclowns not read my bloggo? And didn’t I complain loud and clear about mixed messages and how counterproductive they are in our combined effort of fighting the virus? How they just make the public even less aware of the dangers?

Yes, I guess I made myself clear, repeatedly!

And now, what do I have to read today?

Prof Abdool Karim warns us of the 3rd wave of Covid-19. The fuck? Wasn’t the 3rd wave supposed to cause havoc among the SAfrican population already since a couple weeks? And now we’re still waiting for the big hit? That’s almost, like, a bit of a letdown, a disappointment. And very awkward for the govt! 😦

Informing the people about an imminently looming danger is one thing, trying to keep the whole country in a state of heightened panic won’t work, you idjitz! By now, after well more than a year, we’re all sick and tired … and most of us know how to protect ourselves. So there’s no need to wave around with the hypothetical 3rd wave bogeyman. Most of us won’t get infected – vaccinated or not – because we comply with basic behavioural rules and hygiene standards. 3rd wave or not.

And a larger group of people will get infected, often without any fault of their own. Because they have to live in teenie tiny sheds in the townships and informal settlements, 20 people skin on skin, living on a handful of square foot like packed sardines in their corrugated iron huts. And they won’t even know what hit them. Because when you live under those circumstances you won’t have time to listen to Prof Karim … or the president … or any other official mouthpiece. 😐

Thx for the precious info. It won’t change a thing, you know. :/

You guys behave … and stay healthy, ok?




    • IKR? But it’s also kinda fun keeping my own little diary. Chronicling my thinks and feels during this whole pandemic thing. And if you read from day 1 onwards you’ll notice my stance becoming more matter-of-factly, tired, urgent, angry and negative as the months are flowing along.


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