What are You Gonna Do?

Now that the USA are opening up again, whatcha gonna do? WfH Rules the World or can’t hardly wait to get back into office?

Klikka da linkage and watcha da widdioh!

Are you one of the clever office drones that noticed lots of time spent in the office is just wasted and bad for the earth’s climate or do you feel the need for the daily commute? Maybe just to escape your special other one and the kidz n shit? Or what are your reasons?

Discuss in opinion center below this post.


  1. My office is going to reopen with a hybrid schedule. My “team” was told 1 day/week but that was before a new mgr was hired.

    I think they would have let us stay fully remote if not for a lease being in effect and new, expensive, setup on our floor. They have to justify the $$ they already committed.

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    • “1 day/week”
      Coz on that 1 day, as everybody knows, Covid-19 isn’t infectious.

      “new mgr was hired … lease being in effect”
      Very good reasons, NOT!

      So what have we learned? Private enterprise is as useful as govt when it comes to fighting the virus pandemic. They just don’t care.


        • I was just thinking I’d be one of them, being the hardware and server and user support girl n all. But then, the users are all working from home so my workdays would be spent on the road. Hmm…


          • Out IT peeps are already on hybrid office schedule, mostly working from home but occasionally required to be on-site support for a day (mfg and labs are still on site 24/7). They’re all over the world and I never know which country will pick up.


      • … 1 day/wk has nothing to do with covid risk. Solely business issue…visibility.

        OSHA says masks should be required is ANY employee is not fully vaccinated. Cray will be over the cube wall from me, norl
        t vaccinated.

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        • “masks should be required”
          Of course! I’d refuse to enter the premises if I see anyone blatantly breaking the law. And what do they mean with “should”? Guys, are we in a pandemic or not? If we are in a pandemic, as they say we are in order to sell more vaccines, then there is no place for “should”, only for “must”!

          t vaccinated.”
          Why and how does this happen? We just informed ourselves about flying to Germany: Must be vaccinated to get a seat on the plane – upon departure you must be tested + 2 weeks quarantine. Hotels are still not permitted to accept any guests. No places to stay during quarantine. WTF?
          It’s all so haphazardly mis-organized. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


            • That’s what always irks me about America. Too many admins, orgas, bureaus, agencies with overlapping, cancelling authorities … fighting over shit. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


        • You already got a black market for fake cards? So with a mafia n all? Exciting! Hollywood will make movies about our exciting times. They should ask me for a concept and a screenplay.


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