Shields@Noon – June 5th – Sea of Fables

This time we went back to Sulu in SoF, Three Pines line. Moon with Nata as crew, Aymalie, Gia, Elli, Lamp and Juicy showed for the races, but Juicy had a huge lag problem and gave up. Aymalie and me had a great duel over in both races, and we had one win for each. In first race Gia hit a shallow and Lamp crashed.

3P-01 Race Results:

 1: LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- 00:10:14
 2: Aymalie Resident   IDA019 -- 00:10:20
 3: moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- 00:10:39
 4: Ellion Melodie   IDEM29 -- 00:12:52
 5: GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- 00:14:39
 6: Lampoon Destiny   IDLD97  -- not Finished

Lap Times: 
 LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- Start: 00:00:14  --  Last lap: 00:10:00
 Aymalie Resident   IDA019 -- Start: 00:00:22  --  Last lap: 00:09:58
 moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- Start: 00:00:39  --  Last lap: 00:10:00
 Ellion Melodie   IDEM29 -- Start: 00:00:34  --  Last lap: 00:12:18
 GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- Start: 00:01:13  --  Last lap: 00:13:26
 Lampoon Destiny   IDLD97  -- Start: 00:00:08  --  Last lap: not finished


Moon and Nata


3P-05 Race Results:

 1: Aymalie Resident   IDA019 -- 00:17:18
 2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- 00:17:22
 3: GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- 00:17:42
 4: moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- 00:18:04
 5: Lampoon Destiny   IDLD97  -- not Finished

Lap Times: 
 Aymalie Resident   IDA019 -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:17:12
 LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- Start: 00:00:06  --  Last lap: 00:17:16
 GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- Start: 00:00:17  --  Last lap: 00:17:25
 moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- Start: 00:00:20  --  Last lap: 00:17:44
 Lampoon Destiny   IDLD97  -- Start: 00:00:07  --  Last lap: not finished

Aymalie and Gia

Moon and Nata closing the race

More pics:

June partial rank:

One comment

  1. Lu, your report sounds like the conditions were good, the grid stable and problems of some sailors were individual (Gia, Lamp). Does that mean LL have got the “grid in the cloud” under control now?

    PS: Gia, you know you can derender the water and see all the shallow parts, right? And Lamp, please, honestly, save your avatar’s life and plug your computer into the router! Don’t go wireless!!! 😉

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