R.I.P. Ebbe Altberg *And Even More*Even Moar*EDIT*

Hm, what can I say other than that I wasn’t a huge fan of his. Yeah, he obviously did some cool stuff for SL but otoh almost gambled it all away with his useless, money-eating invention of Project Sansar (anyone remember that ill-conceived shite?). From what I hear Ebbe died peacefully with his family around him.

Please read the more in-depth and precise obituaries by Mona Eberhardt and Inara Pey.

R.I.P. my fellow European.

EDIT: Mona added a quick retrospective of Ebbe’s time and work.

MOAR EDIT: How could I have forgotten to check out Hamlet’s New Wold Notes?


Ebbe’s most famous quote even made it onto a t-shirt for LL employees.

EVEN MORE MOAR EDIT: How could I have forgotten Daniel Voyager? He wrote a very long article on the Memories of Ebbe.


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