Corona Diary: Day 435

Hello again my dear Coronas

Sick and tired of this shit. WTF is going on here on this fukn planet? Hey, you know me, from day 1 onwards I always stood for a hard and consequential lockdown. Like the Chinese mofos did it. They were uncompromising and stuck to their own rules … and they are back to normal since the end of January 2021. And in the West, how are we doing? Ugh, you know yourself how we are doing. Opening up, easing the lockdown rules, surprisingly getting overrun by the umpteenth wave of Covid-19.

And the vaccination? How’s that coming along, hey? Come on, Russian Sputnik is not trustworthy and won’t ever pass the WHO certification while Euro/American shitsoups are found out to cause more and more bad side effects, even deaths, every fukn day. Now they wanna vaccinate the kids as well, nobody knows why and from where to procure the vaccines. This is all such blind, planless activism, money-making and political games. In Germany they found out the hospitals are mostly empty/underutilized because … because, because why?

But they won’t allow any planes from Africa to land on European/German soil … or what? And Sputnik? Ugh, you know.

And now tell me please why I must wear my fukn mask whenever I leave the house? Huh? I mean it doesn’t cause much inconvenience. But still! Do we have a global pandemic? Yes, or no? If yes, than I expect clear and concise measures to be taken. EuroAfromerica – a.k.a. “The awkward West” – can go on like they did up to now. But in that case I won’t give any more fux about all this theatre.


Hm, weird news from South Africa:

Mevrouw Dlamini Zuma is nice. She signed our permanent residence certificates, but that is not the topic now. The topic, respectively my question is “What the fuk do political elections have to do with pandemic lockdown measures. If one party gets more votes than the other, Covid will just disappear … or wot?

The next 2 reports are only showing how badly prepared and organized the SA govt truly is. Nobody did even bother to tell our pensioners how dangerous the vaccination is for them? They are registering voluntarily for a death by injection! WTactualF???

Only Dr. Cloete makes any sense. But he is hardly newsworthy but just repeats the same old warnings we don’t wanna hear anymore and our govt is working against anyway. 😦 So nobody will listen to him. And the 3rd wave will cause … havoc?!? Fuk do I know. Of course people will die. People who didn’t heed the warnings and didn’t pay attention. Old people who only have the choice between death by Covid and death by vaccine injection. Most of us will do just fine. I mean, the old people could also do fine but they are stubbornly stupid and won’t listen to reason. So arrividerci, suckers. 😮

Does is

That video, does it still matter how many people have been vaccinated? Shall we envy or pity them? Do you know the answer? Coz I don’t. But I do know how to survive the pandemic: Don’t getting infected seems to me the best course of action. No?

Cya laterz my frens.


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