1. My Chromebook is doing very well – used it just this morning to do a video chat since I don’t have a camera on my desktop machine. I mostly use it for browsing, Google Office, email, and some video chats through MS Teams. The best thing about it is its low weight and very long battery time.

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  2. Thanks…Y’all! 2 years ‘n still in use…good longevity factor!!! Mine seems to be a great package of both OS/software ‘n hardware. There seems to be too many offers for the 1366 x 768 displays…oh, I’ve been shopping for another one, for a few days now – 😉 – with at least 1920×1080 display. I like to test stuff like this, and the 14″ is great, but may be a little too big still…something like 12-13.3″ @ around 200 gringo dollars is what I’m looking for. GPU prices have my new builds and/or upgrades on hold, so a lighter weight ‘n more portable Chromebook (new) is on the agenda now.

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    • Our bestest cmputer dealer in Germany …


      … seems to have kicked Asus out now. Dunno why, but we think it might be broken supply chain and inaccessibility of silicone. But why then is the lesser Taiwanese, Acer, still in the game? Just as I wanted to order an adorable 14″ Zenbook. 😦

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