• Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Girl, every sane person will spend the majority of their online time on YT. It’s like a grab bag of goodness, and never disappoints. =^.^=


        • Generational thing my @$$. We’re the same age ffs!
          And I happen to love YT. Of course not all of it but I’m subscribbled to more than 150 channels that cater for my interests: Computers, GNU/Linux, cars, vans, vandwelling culture, women living on the road, motorcycles, sailboats, music, movies, history, global politics, you name it …


            • Ooooph, that doesn’t sound like fun. How dire, how drab. You’re like my hubby, he only subscribed to political channels.


                • “Politics?? Gaaahhhhh!!!!”

                  He got that bullshit from me. Originally it was me, having studied Eastern European history and therefore being a natural America critic and Putin fan, watching all the interesting shows. Must’ve somehow influenced hubby. πŸ˜‰

                  And we can’t watch TV, even if we wanted. Such devices were kicked out of our house, like, 10 or so years ago.


                    • “Good on ya for breaking from tv!”

                      It was easy for us. At the time of giving the TV away they had, like, 3 stations, you could receive via antenna. SABC 1 and SABC 2 and one private station … and a buncha paid-for satellite stations you had to pay an annual fee for. So off with that stupid thing.

                      “my tv is nearly always on as background noise.”

                      Uh oh. Don’t do that. It’s too American and unfocused for human consumption. When we watch TV or any other entertainment, we do just that and focus on the show’s content. No side activities. In case one of us needs to visit the facilities or go to the kitchen to fetch more foodies/drinkies, we pause the player.


                    • It’s on right now as I read posts. I was once in a study that proved I focus better with background noise. I very rarely WATCH tv.

                      I currently get about 200 channels over the air, no streaming or subscriptions. I have Prime but it’s a bonus to me… I pay for the delivery & return options, not the streaming.

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                    • “I focus better with background noise.”

                      Oh, I do too. But I put on music I really like, something I can groove and move my feet to, not just some random – and ultimately distracting – TV stuff. I’d run up to the TV every 3 minutes to see what’s going on. Something moving on any screen, even when it’s only a mouth – I gotta see it!

                      Hubby is totally allergic to all background noises, so our house is mostly a quiet place. πŸ™‚


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