The New Firefox 89.0 *EDIT*

Morning everybody

And when I say everybody I mean everyfuknbody. Not just FOSS and GNU/Linux users. Cause this writeup is about the new Firefox version, which is rolled out worldwide and system agnostic just about now. I received my update, like, an hour ago and did the switch just nownow.

I guess most of you guys are on Firefox as well, if you’re not a maniepooface Chrome traitor or a totally out-of-whack Microsoft Edge user. Shame on any of those children of uncaring parents; we’re talking about the only reasonable Web browser, the fukn Firefox.

We heard things – mostly bad – about 89.0. It’s not gonna get better, as the Mozilla Foundation’s, FF’s roof organisation, made many questionable decisions in the last couple years already. And this new version is the harbinger of the end-times and the ruin of the internet as such! At least according to the experts and ideologists of Free and Open Source Software.

But what can we do? I guess resistance is futile; when the browser is rolled out globally the recent version will end up on the scrap heap of unusable shit sooner rather than later. So I accepted the upgrade …

… and hoped for the best. And made a little mistake right away. ๐Ÿ˜ After restart of the browser you’ll be asked if you wanna keep the standard, a dark or a light theme … or decide later. Orca, always quick, thought a dark theme would be cool, and much better for her sexy but old eyes as well, sooooo …

… yikes! This is fuglyyyy!!! But my wrong decision, not Firefox’s fault. And now I can’t find a function to roll it back and decide on a lighter theme. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The selection of my most used websites looks pretty nice in dark

Apart from that everything appears like it always did. My very few customizations rolled over in the new Firefox without any complications. Let’s watch a video by Tom and find out what else did change to the worse:

Hmmm. I guess time will tell if FF is still fit to be our politically correct and pretty save and privacy-concerned browser … or if we better go look for a new one. Our tries to get used to FF alternatives (PaleMoon, Waterfox) didn’t turn out very satisfactory, and we both stayed on our standard Firefox up to now.

Tell me, guys, what’s your browser of choice, why you on it, what’s its best characteristics? Your answers and opinions, as always, directly in the comment section below. Thankies.

Earn tokens by letting Brave corrupt you and watch Ads? Is that still the pure teachings of Stallman?


    • Mhm, fuxn Moz Foundation, in their attempts to chase the moolah and stay relevant and talk of the town, made some more than questionable decisions along the way. FF ain’t the superduperbrowser we once started our explorations of the global netwerk with. Not anymore. But still decent enough and in details so much less annoying than all the rest.


  1. Thy everybody for responding. I, too, was thinking about switching to Brave but afaik it’s not FOSS and then they’re giving you tokens for watching ads. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Not my idea of an ad-free internet experience. I’ll show in an EDIT of the post.


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