How You Know Orca

… hasn’t been to the gym in nearly a full month?

Stealered this from Linda’s blog

Oh jeez, a month sitting on my ass, getting all antsy n stuff and can hardly wait for seeing my little van again. And then it’s off to the gym and the grocers and maybe a regular shopping spree. Maybe in China Town or the local mall.

Otoh we/I don’t really need anything right now. Just got fresh wardrobe delivered from China (the real one, People’s Republic), where the shit is lovingly handcrafted with the blood, sweat and tears of otherwise unemployed, useless little kidz and Uighur slave workers.

But what I’ll definately get is this:

100 kg capacity. Put almost 2 fully grown Orcas in it! Look, it’s the model with fat beachy tyres. Kewl!

This gonna help me so much schlepping the mountains of meat, taters, ‘shrooms, fresh produce and fish from the grocers to the van and from the van into the house. You won’t believe how practical this is. Not running back n forth a dozen times but getting it all done at once! Because, believe it or not, Oubaas gonna be back – hopefully – this week. And the fukn pandemic won’t last forever, neither. And then I won’t have an excuse anymore not to do the grocery haul myself. :/


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