Manjaro vs EndeavourOS

Endeavour is much closer to real vanilla ArchLinux. Manjaro updates a bit slower and lags about 2 weeks behind Arch. So far the common wisdom everyone knows. My fellow Linux riders here in this bloggy – contributors and readers – know this old truth to be … true.


When I did my daily system update on OrcNet, the old lame Acer mini-laptop, I noticed EOS updated my system from …

5 minutes ago on OrcNet

… kernel 5.12.5 to 5.12.6. Kool, ya. This must be the pinnacle of kernel development. Apart from some freakish experimental versions, only Linus Torvalds and some key members of his kernel group are playing on, Arch is, as always, far ahead of the rest of the world. Including Manjaro, which trails EOS by about 2 weeks …

5 minutes ago on MiniMax

Haha, old slowpoke Manjaro is already on kernel 5.13.rc1.d05! Not officially but you see, Manjo features a functionality where you can shop around and install all recently available Linux kernels. 5.13 is listed as an experimental kernel version but it’s freely installable for everybody. Even for uneducated German housewives who don’t know what they’re doing most of the time. In the much more geeky and expert-ish Endeavour this isn’t even an option. They are behind the moon. 🙂 Of course you may install 5.13 as well, from the terminal, but it isn’t offered by the EOS devs, not part of the official distro yet.

Oh, btw, my Manjaro system runs without any hiccups, Nvidia driver and all. And it doesn’t look like it’s gonna croak anytime soon. Becoz, let’s not forget, even the most on-the-edge, unstable, experimental Linux version ever is still a Linux and won’t crash on you as long as you just use your computer as a computer.

I’m even thinking about kicking EOS off OrcNet and replacing it with Manjaro. Not that I’d need the Nvidia driver on that thing but it usually doesn’t wanna update a dozen times every day, and installs in 2 minutes flat, should the need for a reinstall arise unexpectedly.

No. Guess Imma gonna leave OrcNet as it is right now but take the Manjaro ISO with me to Hamburg for a quick emergency rescue/salvation action in case anything goes awry.

Doesn’t look like it – but MiniMax is a very happy pickle on Manjaro!

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