Oh my. 😐

As everybody knows is South Africa one of the proverbial African shithole countries with a hardly working economy and a more than wobbly valuta. I remember when we first arrived in SA the relation of ZAR to €uro was like 3 to 1 (6 Rands for 1 Deutschmark at the time). From then on it went straight downhill for the Rand and in the last years it always lingered around 18 to 1. Bad for Zuid Afrika, nice for us. Some time a couple years back the conversion rate was even almost 20:1.

And now, during the Covid lockdown and badly suffering economy we expected the numbers to go thru the roof but …

Thank you momma Merkel, a fine job you and your gang of wannabe ministers did there. Not that any of the other EU countries did any better, so this is a concerted effort to drive the European economy in the gutter. But still, what was this wibbly wobbly dance around the Nordstream2 pipeline good for? Most of your population want it but not the American fracking gas (and would be happy to swap you out for Putin anytime) but no, you stupid bish had to play nice with the Americans’ totally unreasonable and unrealístic policies. And now … now look at the numbers! They are real world numbers, actual trading rates! Our precious €uro went spiraling down, and not in a sexy way. It went down with a whimper when it passed the 17.00 ZAR mark. 😦

Fukn South Africa is doing better in times of a global pandemic than world renowned powerhouse Deutschland ffs! 😮 I hope you’re proud of yourself. 😐

And in Washington they rofl their @sses off. 😦

That’s right!

Yeah, that might be a reason, a small part of the cause for the Rand being stronger than the €uro: Africans getting smarter while in the West … ugh, you know.

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