Karmi’s at it Again!

Hulloh peepelz! In case you’re not interested in Linux and Open Source Software politics you have my express permission to skip this article opinion piece. It’ll be all kinds of boring for you so you can spend your time better somewhere else. The rest of you are more than welcome to stick around …

Okeeeee … so much to understand, so much antiganda to debunk, it’s already kinda hard to decide where to start. :/ So why not in the beginning?

  • Of course do most Linux users (that’s you and me) understand what a desktop/laptop OS is. We’re not that stupid, are we? We’re all looking at some sort of desktop OS right now, if we’re not totally fukked-up 14 y/olds, trying to enjoy the interwebz on some smartphone screen. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
  • What the Linux Leadership Community (Karmi’s talking about the completely insignificant Linux Foundation) is up to has little to no bearing on what the grassroots Linux community’s devs are doing. The Linux Foundation is a lobby organisation for big tech corporations who have indeed no interest in what desktop you and me and Karmi are surfing the web and doing other shit on. It’s a parallel universe.
  • I don’t know if most Linux users never realized that Linux has never mastered the basic wheel mouse but I, for one, did indeed never realize it. I’m using various mice since 1993, and on all computer systems, Windows, MacOS and Linux and never noticed any differences. Karmi once tried to show and tell me what he meant but I’m obviously to thicc to get it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • I can’t and won’t say anything about Linux’ marketshare, those figures are not quantifiable and not of any meaning for us mom n pop computer users. Oh yes, Karmi, I’ve been taught math in Germany, which is probably similar to math in every other country. Again I don’t know what he wants to prove with that statement but I’m infamously suffering from dyscalculation dysfunction, and Linux’ marketshare is completely untouched by my failed numerological education. Did you know that in Germany they sell much more beer than Linux computers? A clear sign of Linux failing again.
  • Now, finally Karmi goes into his main reasoning: Chromebooks. And how their success proves their superiority over Linux machines. Karmi, my man, Chromebooks and Linux laptops are like apples and oranges, made for different uses and different users! A Chromebook is per se a always online tool/toy while I can use my Linux machines for all sorts of computing. A Chromebook has approximately a grand total of 32 GB of local storage while my Linux main machine has almost 4 TB connected to it. Which means I’m not dependent on insecure internet connections, clouds and servers. And I don’t need the questionable services of Amazon, Google and other American corporations to have a fulfilling computer life. You can knock me off any internet access and I’ll still be happily listening to music and watching movies for weeks if not months … and on the side I’m typing out The Novel of the 21st Century! and edit videos and manipulate photos. Try that with an offline Chromebook.
Impressive figures. Congratz Google, on your huge success. What’s that to do with the way I personally compute?

And finally: “I have always been impressed with the performance of Intel Celerons.” That’s nice Karmi, and for an always-online machine it might be well enough. For real computing, and without the web doing all the heavy lifting for us, I prefer something a bit more beefy and powerfullerer.

But what do I know, being just a clueless housewife and an un-American German and all. So let’s just assume that Karmi’s right and Orca’s a stupid bish. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Orca wants to have many things for xmas, these are NOT on her wishlist!


      • She’d be a rootless, selfhating psycho with daddy issues and no contact to her mom ever since the day of her birth. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
        Oh, and she would dwell somewhere in a rundown fisher’s cottage somewhere on a beach of Crimea, since she’s officially stateless but found friendly asylum in Russia.

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