Corona Diary: Day 422

G’day fellow humans, gurlz n boiz!

I knew it! Somehow I always had the feeling the numbers we get aren’t totally true:

Imagine that: Your once in a lifetime chance to become an anonymous but significant number in a statistic arrives at your doorstep and you do your civic duty and die for the good cause Covid-19 … and those asshole politicians conveniently ignore your heroic deed and don’t include you in the bodycount. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

You fukn died in vain! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Back to SA:

Sometimes it seems like they can hardly wait for the umpteenth wave of the week to finally arrive and hit us with all its infectious might. But no, let’s be earnest now: “A sustained increase in the number of new cases for 12 consecutive days”, does that sound in any way, shape or form like it was a clever move by the gvt to relax the lockdown rules? While we’re still in a resurgent state? Or was it done prematurely? Maybe? Was the decision even made by responsible adult human beings? What do you think?

But, look, ppl don’t need to die from the fukn Covid-19 virus. Want proof?

See, not everything is just bad and negative. Even in southern Africa where decidedly fewer people survive a Covid infection, some come out recovered and more or less unharmed. Ok, the 101 y/o lady they rolled out of the hospital was 23 y/o when she was admitted. But, come on, she survived! And that is something, is it not?

And we, you and I and all our loved ones will survive, too. Coz we keep good care of each other and ourselves. The best way to protect others from getting infected is by staying healthy ourselves. Right? So take care!

Dinner and movie time now. Cya tomorow



    • “a single covid death in Long Beach”

      One death? Whoa! Either Long Beach only has 3 inhabitants or your local gvt cares really good for the people. Or, more likely, that person died under mysterious/spectacular circumstances so The News felt compelled to make a story from it.


      • We have an extremely robust vaccination program. It was the first covid death in 3+ weeks. I read that some area’s covid numbers, either LA County or Calif, are the lowest since Mar ’20.

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        • Oh wow. Very kool. But I’m still too squirmish and afraid of the innoculation. Well, I’ll probably take it like a healthy adult but for hubby with his weakened autoimmune system the side effects could be deadly n shit.


            • Oh we will, no worries. Can you believe that hubby didn’t leave the house since the start of the lockdown, more than a year ago. And when I break out of the cocoon from time to time I make sure everything is save. For example at the gym and the stores. They won’t let anyone enter without a mask. Once or twice I went on long test drives with Oubaas but that’s absolutely secure since I’m all alone in my vehicle, riding thru empty landscapes. Chances of contacting Covid are as high as on the dark side of the moon.


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