MiniMax Status Update

After the little oopsie a couple days ago, and reinstallation of Manjaro Linux, MiniMax seems to have found his footing again. Well, as much as that is possible with this highly suspect and highly strung, high powered computer at all. Anyhoo, earlier today when I rebooted the machine after an update it went up quite fast and without any hiccups and even without any error messages. So I decided to be my usual cheeky Orca again and installed the latest (experimental) Linux Kernel, 5.13. Come on, what could really go wrong? All data is backupped and if the machine croaks again, I can just reinstall my system. It only takes, like, 3 minutes or so with Manjaro, so here we goooo …

Kernel 5.13 Release Candidate 1
What can happen?

YOLO! And reboot …

All there. Computer alive. No problemo!

Was it necessary? No. The machine worked fine on the older kernel, as good as on the new one. But, hey, what for are we using Arch-based distros, when we don’t accept the very small risk of fukin everything up with a single click?

But all is fine and MiniMax purrs like a kitten. πŸ˜‰

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