Japanese Work Ethics

They are different from us sloppy, unreliable Westerners.

The driver’s brief absence apparently resulted in the minute delay that flagged his secret to superiors.

Drivers who experience an emergency while operating a train are supposed to coordinate with the command centre to turn over the controls to a qualified conductor, or stop on the tracks or at the nearest station.

In a news conference on Thursday, company executives apologised for the incident and said the red-faced driver would be dealt with “appropriately”.

The driver explained he “didn’t want to cause a delay by stopping the train”.

“I didn’t report it because it was embarrassing,” he added.



That driver should be so ashamed of himself. Or better commit sepukku. What a reckless hooligan. Caused a delay of one minute with his cautionless behaviour. 😮


    • Not even in Germany (Europe’s Japan) will delays up to 10 minutes even be noted. In Japan the 1 minute delay caused an investigation and a press conference and public shaming. Love the Japanese, they are all kinds of adorbs. =^.^=


    • Hollywood would maybe make a scifi thrilller about it. “Pasadena 5:39: Back to the Vortex!” or sumfink.

      No, honestly I’ve heard you can ask the train operator to give you a letter that certifies the delay, so you can show to your boss when you appear a minute late in office. And indeed, ever thought about what all the delays cause as damage to a nation’s gross national product?


      • Out here, traffic is so horrific that I’ve had as much as a hour of variability in a 30 mile drive. That was 5 yrs ago. Based on what I’ve observed during my last 3 dentist appts, it’s far worse now – and we aren’t at full reopening yet.

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        • “a hour of variability in a 30 mile drive”
          That’s normal in a country that wasn’t ever designed for public transport but relies on the individual car. I see the shit here in SA as well, and am happy to be quasi-retired.


          • One of my biggest peeves is that the E/W stretch of freeway along “the beach cities” has been undergoing various widening projects for literally 10yrs but no train or even express bus line is being added. If I want to take a train to 30 miles ESE of here, I first have to take a train/car 30 miles north, to downtown LA. It’s INSANE that they didn’t include a rail line in the widening project!

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            • I’ve seen a video about that it’s all caused by the car lobby. City and town planning, network, all about cars. That’s why USA/Canada have so many uncomfy cities and dead/dying ‘burbs.


              • Wouldn’t surprise me… except prob gas/oil industry rather than cars.

                Waaaaay back in the first days of digital, a company in this area invented digital film rolls for traditional cameras. I was watching them to invest. One day, their website disappeared. I assume they were bought by a digital camera firm. Why allow a digital film roll with reuse, when you can force everyone to buy new cameras?

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                • “prob gas/oil industry rather than cars.”

                  Prolly all in an unholy union. 😐

                  But I’m not complaining, being a bike/car fan myself.


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