The Second Life Book Club with Draxtor – A conversation with Lars Iyer

Major computer meltdown last night! 😮 This is my first upload from a halfways restored system. Let’s see how it goes …

Join us on Wednesday, May 19th at 12pm PT with writer and philosopher Lars Iyer.…

Lars Iyer –

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The Second Life Book Club is a series of literary-minded events. For more information, and to suggest show topics or guests, please visit

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Nietzsche is the singer with a heavy metal band from the ‘burbs? What about adolescent philosophy? Sounds funny somehow. Drax loves this book and my brain assplodes …


    • Thing is, Madi, I’m not even “messing around” as such. Quite contrary to most (male) Linux users I’m not into messing. I install my system, customize it once, until it fits my requirements and then just use the shit out of it. I’m the quintessential Mom’n’Pop user. Mostly just surfing, stealing movies and music, blogging, consuming media, sometimes playing SL. That’s it, more or less.
      But there is something wrong with my good, expensive computer. All our other machines are working since years without a single hiccup. And they are all on ArchLinux-y distros, receiving multiple upgrades every day.

      Anyway, the chief techy at the Gigabyte repair center, a certified ahole, is just like “Computer is fine, just don’t use Linux!”. Sure, I’m gonna install Windows on my good machine … right after I have reintroduced asbestos back into my house. 😐
      Sometimes I wish I was a burly man and not a help- and clueless old hippie woman who can be pushed over easily.


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