The Only Consolation

… on a shitty day like today, is a pie!

For example this fine Chicken and Mushroom pie, which serves as my combined breakfast, brunch and lunch. And immediately the world looks a lot friendlier. No shit, my people, it stopped raining and the sun’s come out of its hidey place behind some clouds. And fukn chick/shroom pie tastes much more lekker right away. 🙂


    • Me’s a miserable housewife, Cherri. Much too lazy to make something like dat. We buy them at the deli, in every convenience store, supermarket and petrol station. Pies are a British invention, you should find recipes galore all over the innerwebz. I’ve even seen 24-packs of deep frozen pies in the frozen food dpt of my local supermarket but that makes them less adorable and defies their meaning. Fish fingaz, chicken livers, pizza, yeah. But pies?

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