I Still Don’t Want to Live on this Planet Anymore

2 y/o trans?

I mean, ok, if a little girl rather wants to be a boy it’s fine by me. Boys are mostly just so much cooler than girls, so everybody wanna be one. But these things are made for toddlers who hardly know the difference, much less care about it. This ain’t for the poor babies, it’s for their zealot woke parents. 😦

Know what? This shit looks almost like pedophilia, no? Must we share the same planet, breath the same air as those aholios?



  1. I saw Demi Lovato’s “coming out” as non binary. I guess that’s what I’d be too, if terms like that existed when I was younger. I’ve never had an issue with referring to myself as a woman with a strongly masculine brain. Or Madonna’s infamous “gay man trapped in a woman’s body.”

    I had INTENSE penis envy but would never consider getting one till they can make them work like natural ones!

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    • Yeah, useless little things when you take out the fun-ctionality. I was always a bit envious of boys, too. They could pee standing up, which is useful when sailing. And they could be the worst aholes and weaklings but still being accepted, while as a girl you had to prove extra hard to be worthy of joining their crew. That was mostly it. All other points … quite happy with being a girl. Okeee, once a month there is this time when we bleed but miraculously don’t die. And always the danger of falling preggers. I could do without that shite.


      • I resented periods from the first moment I learned of them! Toward the end, I was paying $99 every 3 months for depo provera shots. Not for birth control but to stop having shark week!!

        My envy extended much further… i prefer men’s clothing, I excel a typical “male” mental activities, I don’t understand girly girls, I understand penii (my version of plural) FAR better than vajayjays (including my own), penii are more attractive to me, my boobs are not remotely errogenous, I’d like to be a sexual “top” once in awhile (not impossible now but I never met a guy into it), and I wished to be physically stronger.

        My experience is that my body is female but my brain is 50/50 at best… closer to 70% male, 30% female.

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    • That funnel is an old idea, Karmi. I had – and still have – one of these things with me every time I go camping or adventuring. I consider them essential van accessories when it’s too cold/dark/spooky outside. Not a spoiled girly here; can do without a shower and running water, don’t need no space-wasting Porta-Potti either. For number 1 you have an empty plastic bottle, I have the funnel (and a bottle). For number 2 we share a little shovel. 😉

      No need for a pecker. 🙂

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