Shields@Noon – May 15th

This week Paul, Moon and Gianna came to race in Farragut (Bingo Strait) and Nata crew for Moon. Gianna used to join Ginger’s Shields races in Sea of Fables and is planning to return to the class now. And Nata is returning to SL adter a few months break of SL.

First course raced was O4. Seconds before the start a big yacht appeared crossing the line, while I was yelling, asking to give room to the racers I crossed the line 1 or 2 seconds before start, having to go back and start over. Meanwhile, Gianna was trying to remember the boat and started much later.

Paul and Moon had a private duel, finishing very close.

O4 Race Results:

 1: moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- 00:09:05
 2: xPaulx Paine   IDXP1 -- 00:09:07
 3: LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- 00:10:01
 4: GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- 00:12:54

Lap Times: 
 moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- Start: 00:00:12  --  Last lap: 00:08:53
 xPaulx Paine   IDXP1 -- Start: 00:00:02  --  Last lap: 00:09:05
 LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- Start: 00:00:39  --  Last lap: 00:09:22
 GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- Start: 00:01:55  --  Last lap: 00:10:59

In second course, K2, I had a much better start while Moon and Gianna had a late start. Paul chased me all the course, being able to catch me in last leg (in fact I made a terrible last leg).

K2 Race Results:

 1: xPaulx Paine   IDXP1 -- 00:15:37
 2: LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- 00:16:03
 3: moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- 00:18:16
 4: GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- 00:18:22

Lap Times: 
 xPaulx Paine   IDXP1 -- Start: 00:00:03  --  Last lap: 00:15:34
 LucyInTheSky Afarensis   IDLUCY -- Start: 00:00:10  --  Last lap: 00:15:53
 moonglownight Resident   IDMOON -- Start: 00:00:43  --  Last lap: 00:17:33
 GiannaIsabel Werefox   IDGIA -- Start: 00:00:37  --  Last lap: 00:17:45

I’m sorry but the only pic I took was of Paul and me aligned for 2nd race:

May rank starts as below:


  1. “Seconds before the start a big yacht appeared crossing the line”


    Maybe the same fukka who disturbed Bianca’s races a couple weeks ago?

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    • Not the same, but she asked for pardon at least:

      [2021/05/15 12:04] Raceline: /me : 20
      [2021/05/15 12:04] Raceline: /me : 15
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Lucy (LucyInTheSky Afarensis): shouts: ahoy Nata
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 10
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 9
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 8
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 7
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Lucy (LucyInTheSky Afarensis): shouts: racing
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 6
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 5
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 4
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 3
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 2
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Lucy (LucyInTheSky Afarensis): shouts: please keep clear
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : 1
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY is over early !
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : RACE STARTED
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : xPaulx Paine IDXP1 starts at time 00:00:02
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Axelle Beorn (axelle01 Resident): shouts: sorry
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : moonglownight Resident IDMOON starts at time 00:00:12
      [2021/05/15 12:05] moonglownight Resident: shouts: lucy shame on you lol
      [2021/05/15 12:05] Raceline: /me : LucyInTheSky Afarensis IDLUCY starts at time 00:00:39

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  2. i think there is a war between the monster Yacht brands starting and it seems its escalating more and more. One of the creators deleted the boats from the other brand at sirens and Blake and left only the own brand out there.
    Now the other brand starts to flood that area lately and i think that is why we see more and more of all those out there.
    The result of all that is that serious sailors and racers get the pain and those two creators dont care at all.

    So better we are prepared for more of these stupid intruders in the future

    Liked by 2 people

    • “One of the creators deleted the boats from the other brand”

      Huh? How can they do that? Deleting stuff that’s owned by others on land where they have no rights to delete shit??? Methinks that is impossible.
      But what do I know? 😐

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      • the one with the RD rights got them for organizing races on Blake. But there were only 1 or 2 races and no more anymore. And then these rights were used for those actions.
        Hope we can do something to get those rights removed from that person again.

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