Accomodating Pop!_OS

How nicely Pop is coming our way …

Pop is only 14 HPDs above EndeavourOS and has a red downward arrow, while EOS is still climbing. Cream rises to the top n all that stuff, right? Ok, let’s take it as a given, EOS will be on #4 in the next couple days. What then?

I guess I wrote about the oddness of Endeavour as a distro before, haven’t I? So we know that it’s more or less just an ArchLinux installer with some desktops added to choose from, and a minimal amount of preinstalled must-have software. Apart from that it’s just normal bog standard Arch, which we have already passed weeks ago. In so far, I don’t even want EOS to break into the Top 3 ranks. Those are all fully fledged Linux distros, usable right out of the box. Love them (Manjaro, Mint) or loathe them (MX, Mint) they are far more deserving of their top positions than Endeavour can ever be.

So, recommendation time again?

Frens, if you’re bored with your Minty goodness, even with LMDE, and you hate MX’s Xfce desktop, Manjaro is a perfect step-up. It’s basically Arch, gives you all the same functionality and customizablity, comes with lots of desktops and pretty wallpapers to chose from, is very complete but doesn’t nag you with avalaible updates every half hour. Manjaro comes with all the media codecs known to mankind and, due to MHWD, even with a quickly installable Nvidia driver.

Orca’s running Manjo right now on this computer and blogs like a crazy bitch. =^.^=

Try it!

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