Corona Diary: Day 415

Morning my lovely peepelz

I can’t decide, I don’t even know what to think anymore. Being angry, which we all should be right now, consumes too much of my little remaining strength, and makes no sense anyway. So instead of wasting time and power on anger I’m just sad. Or rather depressed to be honest. Here we are, everybody doing their best to keep ourselves out of danger and being helpful in flattening the curve – at least that is what I hope – and then we have to read news like these and just give up all hope:

Oh my, what a heap of hogwash. Warning that the economy would suffer under harsher restrictions and in the same context warning of a rapid climb of infections. What do you want, bish? What did you even try to convey in your statement? You’re an economist, please be at least honest and say taht you don’t want any harsher restrictions. As if we wouldn’t know that already.

And then this here, freshly in from Mexico:

At least we know that people in other countries aren’t any wiser than stupid Africans. Of course let’s book a dream beach vacation in Cancún while the infection numbers are going through the roof. 😦

Are you fukkaz somehow braindamaged or … or … or, I can’t even think of any question to ask. This behaviour is so far outside of any reason and human wisdom and intelligence.

Ok, my dears, cya laterz at the beach. How about a mass sex orgy?


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