• No irony, nothing to wonder about.

      The mental illness and addiction argument is as old as it is shortsighted, as most of them only fell ill after the American dream they were chasing after their whole lifes, turned out to be unattainable and cast them out.

      I wonder how long I’d stay sane and sober if I had to live like that.

      And the empty dwellings are empty for a simple reason: Nobody can afford those.

      But nice to see how the plan works out for the 1%: They manage to play groups of Americans against each other, so you fight among yourselves instead of targetting the group who’s really responsible for your misery. Works also internationally: You’re angry at China and Russia because why? Because your captains of industry lost in their own game, capitalism. So they start, in the same manner as they always did, finding strawman arguments.


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