Corona Diary: Day 413

Good day, fellow survivors.

Now, please look at this:

Mkhize who has called for the public not to panic, said discussions were underway with the Coronavirus Command Council, on what is the best way to reduce the numbers from increasing.

Mkhize said: “At some point we will have to look at some additional restrictions that have to be put into place to make sure that we can reduce the numbers. We are going to recommend that there should be more focus on the size of gatherings.

“The reality is that when the numbers start rising we will have to increase the restrictions and when they go down, we ease them,” added Mkhize.

Wits University Social Security systems expert, Professor Alex van den Heever said while it is likely that certain restrictions targeting indoor gatherings will be considered in the next few weeks, such decisions were often taken too late.

“It’s inconceivable that certain restrictions targeting indoor gatherings will be considered in the next few weeks.

“But there’s a question whether you look for a short-sharp-brief set of restrictions now, before it gets extreme, or you wait until the wave takes off, then you introduce restrictions.

“There’s a tendency to wait until it becomes extreme and the health system becomes under pressure before restrictions are introduced. We are still in the early stages but it does look like we have a significant upward trend. The question now is what nature of interventions will be introduced,” Van den Heever said.



Why am I not surprised? And why is the health minister calling for us not to panic? Stupid or what? Firstly we’re not panicked but very very disappointed. And secondly, had he done his job we wouldn’t be anywhere close to a situation that might induce panic.

And again too little too late! Why restrictions in the next few weeks? Do you know how many more victims we’ll have heaped up in the next few weeks? Fukn 3rd wave is here. Right now! So I expect gvt to act right now! It’s logical and easy. Most of us are still in acute lockdown mode, so now’s the time to act. Not once we’re all readjusted to the freedoms of a more carefree lifestyle.

Sometimes I think our great leaders didn’t quite grasp the situation, didn’t get the urgency of a global pandemic. Else they would show more agency. Do something, fukka! And do it quick. Else I’ll join the choir of unconvinced citizens and leave my mask at home and fuk all the Covid hysteria.

Oh noes! 😮 I hope none of you’s gonna abandon their masks, ffs. 😐

Cya tomorrow


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