Is It Possible?

I always said after EndeavourOS had climbed onto #5 in the DistroWatch chart, that’s it. The others, the Top 4 were too far ahead and had so much more daily hits than EOW, to climb even one position higher seemed unattainable. But now, look at this:

We inched ever closer to Pop!, now only ~300 daily hits are seperating us from the Top 4 position. I still don’t know why that is, and how EOS managed to rise up so high so quickly. EndeavourOS is neither beginners friendly, nor very complete, easy to use or comfortable. Once installed it’s bog standard ArchLinux, which means you gotta do everything yourfuknself. A real classical Linux for nerds and geeks.

Ok, Pop! is objectively stupid and features only the very very hostile Gnome desktop environment, that really nobody should use (but unfortunately everybody does) and is developed by a commercial enterprise (System76), which should be a no-go for real Linux enthusiasts. In so far I can’t wait pushing that Ubuntu-based crapola of its throne. 🙂

But once we’ve achieved that I guess EOS should stop there. It just doesn’t have the maturity and mass-appeal of the Top 3.


    • Please let us know how in how far MX is better than all the other Debs. What’s the special sauce that made it Numero Uno?


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