I’m back (wish)

Sorry for being absent all this time. Not publishing results of Shields races and even cancelled last 2 saturdays. If RL becomes a bit better I will return with races and reports.

Below, some pics and rough results of races in March and April:

March, 20th – 3 Pines

March 27th – Zindra

Ranking for March:

April 3rd – Arafura

April10th – Arafura

April 17th – Arafura

April 24th – Zindra

April Shields rank:

This month a series of events prevented me from running the Saturday races. On 1st, a neigbour was discharged from hospital after a heart attack. I went there to bring him home when received the notice of a death in family 😦 . What was being a happy day turned into a very sad one.

And last week, May 8th, my auntie, fell at home hitting her head and I had to rush to send her to hospital. She is fine, recovering well, but once again I coulfn’t host the race, not having even time to warn sailors about the race cancellation.

I’m planing to have races in Arafura line next 2 weeks and finish the month series in Zindra, as usual.


  1. Its good to see you back Lucy. And yes sometimes RL chooses the worst moments to show us what is really important in this world.
    We all understand this.


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