Biker Babe in Second Life

I first discovered SL a little over twelve years ago.  I was amazed with all the things people were building, all the things to do and my amazing new AV.  I spent more and more time there, eventually buying myself some land with a house and a cat 🙂  One day, while shopping for shoes, I bumped into a woman and struck up a conversation.  We ended up spending the evening together and talking late into the night.

We learned about each other’s real lives as well as SL lives.  One of my new friend’s passions was motorcycles.  She lived near Copenhagen, Denmark and had a BMW motorcycle in RL as her main form of transportation.  That all sounded so exciting.  We did anything and everything together after that and eventually she moved into my house with me.  A few months after we met we became partners in SL and actually had a small wedding ceremony.

My first motorcycle

One day while we were out and about she rezzed a big blue motorcycle and asked me to hop on.  I sat on the back seat, hugged her tight, and off we went.  After a while we switched positions and I got to try riding for the first time.  It was like the most fun thing EVER!  Only the sim crossings put a crimp in all the fun when you paused for a few seconds or rubber banded into the sky.  Even so, I had to go buy one for myself and found a basic inexpensive bike to start out with.  Riding became a regular thing with us, either on separate bikes or together on one.  We upgraded to newer and better motorcycles as they became available.  We even found one of the first SL sims with tracks stacked up so you could ride without crossings. Yay!

Riding together

SL motorcycles and tracks continued to get better and better.  More and more motorcycle clubs were popping up , each with their own sims and tracks high into the sky.  We met a couple of women from one of those clubs and started joining them on their weekly rides.  Riding in a group and following along was such fun!  After hanging out with them at rides and parties, and getting to know the other members, we were asked to join the club.  We both made it through the initiations together and became full members in a joint ceremony.  The motorcycle club and group activities became a big part of our time in SL.  Eventually we both became officers.  Other club members became our closest friends. 

Group ride on matching bikes

I have collected a whole stable full of motorcycles in SL over the years and have a few favorites that I ride regularly;  along with an endless closet full of biker clothing.  I also test myself on the many race tracks trying to get my name on the front page of the leaderboards.  Am I obsessed?  Maybe a little.  Four years ago I took a training class and got my real life motorcycle drivers license.  So far I have not bought my own real bike, but I hope to one day 🙂

Me today

We met many others in the motorcycle community at rides or attending rally’s.  Most all of them are wonderful people who are willing to help new riders get started if they want.  If you are in SL, or want to try it out, I urge you to test ride a bike and find out for yourself how fun it can be.  You do need a fairly powerful computer to avoid the lag, especially if riding in large groups.  There is also a bit of a learning curve, but it’s well worth practicing and getting good.  Find a group to ride with and discover the thrill of the open road.  


Ten years after we met, I lost my SL partner to a devastating illness.  Things will never be the same after that but I continue to ride with my friends in the motorcycle club.  I think of her every time, flying along with the wind in her hair.




  1. Sorry to hear about the loss of your partner. 😦 But yeah, biking is cool. I have ridden all mainland continents and made varying experiences. From totally unridable (Zindra) to very friendly and unlaggy (Jeogeot) it’s always exciting. My personal favourite riding road is Route 12 in northern Nautilus. I had two parcels directly at the roadside. 😉 And, yes, once you have one bike you can’t stop there. Eventhough most are on the same script, they are very differently tuned.

    Thx for sharing your story Becs.

    Starting to Prepare


    • Thank you for allowing me to post it on your blog Orca 🙂 I don’t ride the mainland roads much any more, but I will head over to Route 12 and check it out.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Route 12 is relatively short and swings along Nautilus’ northern coastline. It’s also remarkably unlaggy. The last part on the eastern end is more like a footpath. I’d park my bike in the Clinker rez zone and go for a hike. It’s beautiful up there.


  2. i have tried it as well but i stay safe with sailing, because that is the speed i can mostly control. For riding a motorbike i need a metal knight suit to keep my skin attached to my body and not left at all the walls along those tracks…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I always ride very slow and make many breaks for taking photos. I guess sailing is more hard on your connection than bike riding as such. Only problem is that on roads you’re often close to lagmonsters. 😮


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