Oubaas’ New Windscreen Pt III

Mecha just sent me 3 detail photos of the lower right corner of the windscreen:

Don’t know what part of the repair this is exactly but it looks so very good and well done. They obviously sanded the lead application down for further prep and painting
Driver door in the lower left corner of the photo, reconstruction work of the windscreen frame in center and upper right side
More or less the same area … after they applied the lead

Guys, I dunno what to say. And what to do? Abandon hubby and ask the mechanic to be the father of my yet unborn babies, or just enjoy the great quality of his work and pay him his millions once he’s finished?


    • Ya, we all heard the stories about how mechanics take advantage of uneducated lady drivers and rip them off. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ My painter guy surely is one of those: Stupid white gogo has no clue, so I just give her stories instead of good job. :/ And now Imma gonna sue the last shirt off his back.

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