Corona Diary: Day 410

Know what? Slowly the whole Covid-19 crisis becomes a joke. It really ain’t no fun anymore to genuinely care about one’s own health and that of one’s fellow human beings.

Hello and good day, fellow bloggies and Covid fighters! (You are, aren’t you?)

But really, how is one supposed to take all the personal restrictions serious when reading news like these:

Honestly, yes, Allah is great and he will protect everybody who’s on the pilgrimage … pfffrz. No, Allah won’t protect you from the germs and viruses of a mass spreader event like the annual hajj. Everybody in attendance is on high risk, same as the xtians who attend mass services in their churches and the Jews in their temples.

Imagine that: 2 million more infected people flying home and infecting more and more and more and …

And gvt says I can’t jump onto a plane and fly to Germany … why? Because I took good care of myself in the past 13 mths and am as healthy as a human being can be? Fuk all that. Can’t anyone give us clear informations and meaningful rules? Are we in the thick of a global pandemic or is this all just some political and economical gamble by a handful of powerplayers and business billionaires?

Okay, more news, if you can still stand them:

So, so, quarantine is better than travel ban? Doctoring on the symptoms is better than fighting the virus at its root? Little kidz and greedy bizniz people are the better rules makers than responsible adults? 😮

I’m done with this shit. 😦




  1. Allah won’t save us from the virus, nor God, Jehovah, or any other imaginary friend. Obviously, large scale military exercises by IDF & NATO involving soldiers from 30 countries are counter productive when it comes to pandemics & peace. Attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque are crimes against Human Rights and ethnic cleansing won’t help apartheid regimes to contain SARS-2 or legal resistance.

    I hope all ethnicities will reconsider — otherwise we are doomed regardless of CoViD.

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      • The South African regime lost US support when international pressure was rising. So, we might see change in the middle east, since it’s official now that Israel is an apartheid regime, too.

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        • Wasn’t that always clear?

          Israel is a greedy, selfishly landgrabbing, genocidal country that must be banned and sanctioned by the UN! Why’s nobody taking action? Fear of being called an anti-semite? A nazi? Fuk dat, half my grandparents and grand-grandparents died in Hitler’s camps and I’m still a quarter jew.

          Doesn’t change the facts an iota or excuse Israel’s and America’s supervillain behaviour. 😦

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          • It took me quite a while to recognize it and first-hand reports of palestinians to believe it. Yeah, nobody wants to be called a nazi, but i can’t agree more. It’s better to be smeared like that than accepting another genocide.

            I’m glad that over 16K jewish people are back in berlin. That’s a way to escape the restrictive society for israel’s youth and a signal of trust that i appreciate.

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