1. When I lived in a part of town that only had street parking, my neighbor and I would call to each other to watch the people who couldn’t parallel park.

    Now, there’s a guy who has some sort of OCD so that even when he’s parked in front of my house – which has a no parking section and room for on long car… making parking SUPER easy… he will be parked fine but still get out, check, pull forward 6″, repeat – moving backward, then forward, sometimes 10 times before he’s happy. I’ve seen him leave and come back to do it all again. It makes me insane to watch!!

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    • A certain amount of accuracy is needed for parallel parking. That’s why we learn it in traffic school (at least in Germany). But also at least some sort of sense of size and place … and applied physics. And this wasn’t even the worst example I ever saw. I had the feeling the driver lady was a teeny tiny little bit inebriated or maybe on some of those drugs women are taking in order to cope with life.

      Yes, watching this is enraging. 😐

      “SUPER easy…”
      … barely an inconvenience!


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