Happy Penguin on ArchLinux :)

Just took this screenshot from my latest computer update:

OrcNet 5 minutes ago

This is OrcNet before attempting the latest update. It’s a rare opportunity to see both Mozilla siblings in such close proximity, updating at the same day. FF 88.0-1 and TB 78.10.0-1 are really the height of the fashion and the hottest properties in the FOSS world right now. And of course are ArchLinux-y distros among the first batch to install and use them. And not just vanilla Arch but Endeavour (OrcNet) and Manjaro (MiniMax) too. And, correct me if I’m wrong, even the slowpokes on Ubuntu-ish distros – Hey Becca 😉 – as well.

Freshly updated and back to sleep: OrcNet

Dunno about all you Windows and Mac users but, boy, does it feel good to be on the Linuxy side of things. 😉

BTW, I used our nifty little Warpinator to send the screenshot from OrcNet over to MiniMax, all the way across my desk. 😉 Werked like a charme. Just tell me at what time we can welcome you to the light and clever side of excellent computer users. 😉

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