Second Life Photo Show Event

I just found this in Nalates’ blog. It’s probably a cool event, and very useful since in Second Life we’re all photographers, are we not? Some with more intensity than others, some artists, some fashion and portrait photographers, some who use unbelievable amounts of postproduction trickery in PhotoShop and/or GIMP and various other 3rd party softwares. And some just snap photos to illustrate their blog stories, reporter style.

So we all could benefit from a visit to the FOCUS Photography Fair! What we will find there I don’t know, probably some galleries and lots of shopping options for inworld photography gear.

Wanna shoot surreal art photos like emomiru, want Cajsa Lilliehook wax lyrically about you? Or wanna be featured in Kess Crystal’s SL Calendar Girls? Better attend the photo fair and clue up on your craft!

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