Oubaas News + Fibre Update for Leenda

A major step towards less rust and an uncracked windscreen:

Delivered Oubaas to my mechanic for a new windscreen and – even more important – a completely derusted frame area. This will take some days during which I’ll be grounded at home. Maybe selling off my last motorbike was a bit premature. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Doesn’t matter much. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, are we not? So little old me has no business uselessly hanging out in the streets anyway.

Lovingly restored Ford Escort Mk. 1
Racecar of one of the mechanic’s sons. Should be done soon.

Okรฉ, couple days ago I snapped some photos along neighbourhood street:

The little white bags are in fact sandbags to protect the fibre tube to be damaged by cars entering the driveways. Notice the itsybitsy teenie tiny South African garage? No wonder nobody puts their cars inside those things nowadays, our modern cars are just too big to fit.
Couple days ago they’ve started digging trenches on the opposite side of the road as well. Typical African work ethics: One guy digs sloooowly, a whole bunch standing around, chatting. But things do indeed happen.
On the lower right side you see one of the sandbags protecting a junction, where the fibre strand into a family home is spliced off the main strand. I didn’t dare getting out of the van and snooping around looking all suspect n stuff.

I have no idea what will happen to the main channel. If they are breaking thru the curb or lifting it up to the grass and sinking it there. Apart from that it looks like at least this house is just days away from yummy fibre internet.

And I found the main entrance for many of our little green housemates: Of course the main door:

I don’t even wanna know how many of these aliens we have killed during the last 19 years by smash-closing doors and windows on them, totally oblivious of their fragile physicques. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


  1. I love lizards & geckos!
    As for the fiber, I’ll give our crew credit for working small sections, everyone working, and re-sealing everything with asphalt every night till it was done and covered with perm asphalt or cement.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that’s what they are doing? Well, here they won’t cover their holes every night but they are working small sections of the road, say in between two junctions:

      Yes, the construction happens directly inbetween the 2 crossroads at the far ends of the photo. They’re almost finished with the southern side of the road and have started digging the first hole on the northern side.

      This photo is also a good sign of the age of this rather unfancy part of our suburb. If it was any newer both crossroads would be traffic circles. Although there isn’t too much traffic at any time of the day.


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