WTF Manjaro?

Nice Sunday morning, me looking forward to finally getting Orca right in Second Life and maybe go sailing or building something or doing other fun stuff. Soooo, quickly install my favourite SL viewer, Singularity-Alpha, out of the AUR …


Of course the installation fails. 😦

No problem, Orca’s not a steenkeen n00b but knows how to remedy the situtation. Let’s install my second-most fave viewer, Firestorm …


… and fail that as well. 😦

Did I see in Singu install something about Pangox-Compat not working or so? So I try to install that Pangox stuff, whatever it is, and fail again. By now I’m too tired and lazy to start a huge investigation, maybe some of you fellow SL residents know what the problem is here – other than Orca’s boneheaded stupidity, haha – and can set me on the right path? Thankies.

Okayyyyyyyy… so much for my Sunday plans in our virtual world. 😦 Now let’s see what other wondrous blog content I can serve up today. Maybe some Linux philosophy? I had some thoughts lately. Dunno if that’s of any interest for most of you but, just in case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m doing this blog for me. Everybody’s welcome to read and marvel and comment and abuse me, but in the end I write this blog to amuse myself. And if I think some GNU/Linux philosophy is in order … it will be so!


  1. Wonder if it’s Manjaro or your computers graphics, After all mint failed and that’s rare. Annoying all the same. I had a few machines that where troublesome, eventually I got fed up and bought newer. Part of the reason I stopped gaming was my poor old Machines. Is the gym open?

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    • Gym is open, I go there tomorrow morning, thank you.
      Think my graphics card failed? But it has nothing to do with failure of installing the nvidia 460 driver. And, btw, it installed flawlessly on MiniMax and Manjaro. Just the fuxn SL viewer gives out errors during installation. 😦
      And anyway, had a peek at the recent market situation lately? It is quite impossible for us mere mortals to accquire a good graphics card right now. 😦
      There is something seriously wrong with my upgraded hardware. 😦


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