Is This Normal?

I’m asking you? Look here:

Kinda the same but very very different

On the left we see MiniMax sporting Manjaro Linux, and on the right side is humble little GagaMore running EndeavourOS on the small screen. So far so good.

Second Life on EOS/GagaMore

I’m at the end of my wits. GagaMore, my humble little office warrior doesn’t even have a dedicated graphics card but does his best to log me into Second Life and show me what’s up there. In fact I installed the Singularity SL viewer in a matter of 2 minutes and could log in directly while MiniMax was a no show. Weird since MiniMax is a bonafide gaming computer, where alone the latest upgrade cost me three times the purchase price of GagaMore!

3 times!!! Fuksake. 3 times!!! 😦

And now I’m beginning to seriously ask myself about the raison d’être of super duper expensive gaming PCs when they don’t allow me to run my favourite Linux distro and to install my favourite game. :/


    • EOS is so much betterer than Manjo! But I’m not gonna uninstall Manjo now, I guess it’ll go belly up by itself, sometime next week or so. And then I’ll bring MiniMax to my repair lady and tell her to stress with that shit. For now I’m happy Nvidia 460 is installed and I can log in world. 😉


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