Corona Diary: Day 401

Ohayo gozaimasu, my dears

Today some newness from my old stomping ground, Deutschland, where I’m so happy not to dwell anymore:

Lazy gvt, stupid and angry peepelz, Deutschland in 2020/21

Germany is facing difficulty dealing with the third wave with its efforts also complicated by the highly contagious B117 strain. Its slow start to its national vaccination campaign is also complicating the situation. As many countries are planning to reopen, Germany is planning to extend its lockdown further, as the country have night curfews in place along with closure of non-essential shops till end of June. Last week, the government managed to pass a law which will allow it to impose “emergency brake” rules for areas with high Covid-19 infection rates. This is the first time that the government can impose lockdowns on states.

Yesterday, Germany also had to deal with protests in Berlin, where 5000 to 20000 people protested against the lockdown measures. It quickly turned violent with protestors throwing stones and firecrackers at police.

Since the pandemic began, Germany reported 3,412,473 cases and 83,702 deaths.

The whole text makes me so angry! I guess the blog is too apologetic towards the German gvt and tries to push the blame for their failure to act onto some “highly contagious B117 strain” bullshit, which is nothing but a poor excuse. Fukn health minister just missed the time to order vaccines, communicate the situation to the people and explain the necessary measures. But what the gvt did in its wise resolution was just dropping some measures onto the people, forbidding them a lot of things.

Aren’t they Germans as well as the people? Don’t they know Germany’s troubled history with totalitarism and too many restrictive laws and rules? And now they’re using the health crisis to make it worse by imposing new laws that allow them to override state and local gvts.

You unholy shitheads! That’s not the way to get the people behind you!!! And you wonder how it happened that our greatest parties are hardly getting 20% of the votes anymore and former sideshow parties like the greens and the rightwing AfD are growing and taking over the gvt after the next election.

Yes, talking to you, CDU and SPD. With your half/half politics you’re actually opening the doors for all kinds of antidemocratic shit movements. You want that? Y’all stupid?

Meanwhile in India it’s the endtimes! “Like a war” according to Dr. Fauci. I mean India is huge and has a giant, and very uneducated, population, so of course they struggle. But India’s problem seems to be as systemic as Germany’s: It’s the fukn gvts failing completely and totally and on all fronts!

Read the quite long and quite sad article about India’s struggle.

Dunno what to say to you any further. I’m done here.

Survive! And cya tomorrow



  1. Since RKI delivered studies and stats for fcukin’ Adler Hitdolf and his Nanzis, it’s wise to gather data somewhere else, too. While this DW doc isn’t focussed on SARS-2, the PR communication methods are obviously the same.

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    • Yes, Foto, exackerly! I don’t have the faintest about bromhexine but I do know exactly that healthy diet, healthy lifestyle, clean body, sanitization and social distancing = not getting the fuk infected = best survival strategy!

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