Corona Diary: \o/ Day 400! \o/

Hey Coronas! Another reason to celebrate today, as the lockdown – at least here in SA – is now 400 days old! We had good days and we had bad days but we’re still alive n kickin’. I hope you’re in good form as well.

Talking about good and bad, we have also good and bad news. Good one first:

Who’d have thought the Italians are capable, of learning their lessons? After they were the probably hardest hit European country and now noticed climbing numbers of infections again, they decided on swift action. Half a million vaccinations every day! That’s an achievement.

And now some headscratcher from Zuid Afrika:

A delay in deciding? Although you fear a 3rd wave? But you don’t see the correlation between superspreader events and the 3rd wave? And you delay your decision???

Some people’s children. Oh my. šŸ˜¦ How about a quick NO? No opening of sport stadiums! So, there. DONE! No fans, no infections. It’s as easy as eating pie. šŸ˜

But SA isn’t the only silly place on earth:

I’m really concerned about how Lucy’s doing these days. I mean, a country who’s FĆ¼hrer doesn’t even belief in Covid, how are they gonna cope with the crisis? Let’s hope they will manage at least better than street urchin India.

For our all’s sake let’s hope our wise leaders keep a clear head … and if they don’t, well, we all have our individual survival instinct. And surviving a pandemic is possible with some very easy measures … when dilligently followed.

Mask up … and cya tomorrow



  1. Disneyland reopened, at 25%, yesterday.

    A bunch more restrictions were, or are about to be, lifted. Bars are going to be able to open indoors (recently allowed to open outdoors only), at 25%. I think I’ll continue to stay away.

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    • “Iā€™ll continue to stay away.”

      Best decision evaaar!
      I mean what’s the business of a single woman in a bar? None! American bars are not second homes like English pubs or in any way designed for anything but a quick drink. And what did I tell you about alcohol consumption, Linda? We don’t need it. Particularly when our body is filled up with medical drugs n shit. Yes, continue to stay away!

      An open Disneyland is a good and essential thing, otoh. That’s the happiest place on earth, you know? Magical n stuff! Here the littlest of kiddies learn already early on in their lives that ignorance is the best state of mind and that no harm will come to them as long as they are protected by the mouse!


      • I like mixed drinks with weirdos, sometimes like myself sometimes not. I miss it. But not enough to die. Hell, I wouldn’t even leave the house to get beer today!

        Thx for reminding me that I haven’t taken my meds today!


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